Celebrate Winter the Parry Sound Way!  dog sled

This upcoming weekend, Parry Sound is pulling out all the stops to help you celebrate winter, Valentine’s Day and Family Day!

Even the weather man has gotten into the act, promising crisp, cold sunny days to make the most of our great outdoors! So pull out your woolies, and get prepared to have a great weekend!

On Saturday, you could:

  • Watch the Seguin Dog Sled Mail Run take off from the Humphrey Arena at 9:30 a.m. and/or arrive in the Village of Rosseau around 11:30.

The Bobby Orr Hall of Fame


I just finished reading Bobby Orr’s book “ORR My Story” and really enjoyed it. orr

One reason is that it really reflects the man – unassuming, kind and grateful for the opportunities he has had over the years. He also uses it as a vehicle to educate people about the game and what it is like for professional players. Being able to recognize some of the Parry Sound names and places that he talked about was an extra bonus for me.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to read it, or visit the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame, here’s a quick overview:

Celebrating the Christmas Holidays

Whether you celebrate Christmas or not, traditions tend to be a big part of that time of year. toffee thumbprint cookies

Growing up, my mother always baked special cookies at Christmas time, and my sister and I always include those recipes in our line-up annually.   However, we are both on the lookout for new ideas to add to the collection, and here is one that we will be trying this year! (The recipe comes from Hersheycanada.com)

Toffee Thumbprint Cookies (makes 6 dozen)

Pets at 40 Bay Street Bed & Breakfast

We quite often get asked if guests can bring their pets (generally dogs) with them. And, for people who have allergies, their first question is "Do you have any pets ordog pet animal allow pets?" Again, our answer is no.

It's not that we don't like animals - prior to moving to Parry Sound, we had a cat - and a lot of other B&Bs in the area do have pets.

However, there are several reasons why pets are not allowed.